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Mat Pilates will give you a full body, bodyweight workout, with the main focus being on your core strength and stability, along with improving your posture. As the name suggests, Mat Pilates is done on a mat and is therefore extremely versatile and can be done anywhere. Mat Pilates is the original form of Pilates, with forms such as Reformer and chair Pilates coming afterwards. Mat Pilates is a brilliant way to get started with Pilates, if it’s something you’ve not done before. No equipment is need, you just use your bodyweight.

Pilates is a great form of exercise to improve not only your core strength, but it’ll help improve your coordination and balance. It’s brilliant for building strength and therefore a great way to prevent injury. Mat Pilates enables you to switch off your mind to the world, which can help with stress relief and will help increase your aware of how your body moves. Even if you’re experienced at Pilates, Mat Pilates still offers a brilliant workout, that will challenge you. Trainify offers a wide variety of classes, which will cater for all abilities.

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