The face of Trainify and our new athlete!

Our amazing, hardworking athlete Georgia Piperidou, training in different environments.

We are delighted to introduce the first athlete Georgia Piperidou. Georgia gravitated to the fitness world since a young age, her passion and tenacity makes her one of the best personal trainers in the market. With over 19 K followers we are proud to welcome her to our team!

Welcome on board Georgia!

My name is Georgia Piperidou,

originally from Greece and now living in London. I've been into several different sports since the age of 5. A year and a half ago I won 2nd place in the Athens indoor rowing cap. I always like a challenge, for the past year I've been Crossfit training and Olympic lifting. Professionally, I’ve been training for the last 3 to 4 years. My passion lies in training clients, whether you're an athletic pro or new to fitness.

I will help you build a strong and injury-free body through targeted athletic training, as for me it's all about pre-hab work. In other words, look well and move well."

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