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  • 400 highly experienced trainers
  • Access at Knightsbridge’s best fitness location
  • Workout with Knightsbridge’s best-reviewed trainers
  • Train wherever and whenever it suits you
  • No contract or joining fee
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Our Top Rated

Personal Trainers in Knightsbridge

Aydin 5 (212)

Experienced strength & conditioning coach
Knightsbridge, London, UK

I've been a personal trainer for two years, my training background comes from competing for Great Britain as a short track speed skater. I specialise in Strength & Conditioning alongside sports performance training. Training will start with a consultation to establish goals, your sessions will be professional with personalised programming to your abilities/ goals and I am also happy to provide nutritional guidance. I enjoy working with people that have a specific goal and are motivated to achieve it!

80 credits

Georgia 5 (135)

Performance coach focusing on sports performance
Chelsea, London, UK

My name is Georgia Piperidou, originally from Greece and now living in London. I’ve been into several different sports since the age of 5. A year and a half ago I won 2nd place in the Athens indoor rowing cap. I always like a challenge, for the past year I’ve been Crossfit training and Olympic lifting. Professionally, I’ve been training for the last 3 to 4 years. My passion lies in training clients, whether you're an athletic pro or new to fitness.

80 credits

Matt 5 (71)

Experienced strength, performance and wellness coach
London, UK

I help busy people get stronger, fitter and transform their lifestyle. I'll use my education and proven track record to make sure you achieve your results. I will always work hard to make sure you achieve your goals. Having worked at the Harbour Club for a number of years, I have worked with multiple tennis players and specialise in on and off court conditioning including tennis specific movement, as well as the strength training to lay foundations for good movement.

70 credits

Ed (14)

Experienced strength and nutrition coach
Chelsea, London, UK

I competed in Long Distance Triathlon World Championships, Ironman, Olympic Distance and recently completed Speedier Sprint distance triathlons. My experience, knowledge and passion for fitness, sport and nutrition has allowed me to work with people from all walks of life including Olympians, elite athletes and ‘normal’ people alike, throughout my career.

60 credits

Sophie (5)

Personal trainer and Pilates instructor
South West London

I moved to London as a young PT nine years ago from a small Cotswold town, dreaming of the big city life! Up until the pandemic I was playing elite level rugby and have played from a young age. This sparked my interest in Strength and Conditioning early on, creating a solid foundation from which to develop and start helping others in the same way. Six years ago I broke my neck and was forced to take a break from the sport, but eventually made a comeback stronger and fitter than ever. I started teaching Pilates just before my injury (luckily) so know first hand the benefits of this style of training. Following this I developed a keen interest in rehabilitative exercise and now combine this with my sporting background to help others through pain, injury, sports performance and, well, life! For me, fitness has always been a lifestyle choice and I’m dedicated to spreading that energy!

100 credits

Chloe and Adriaan (4)

High demand yoga teacher
London, UK

My yoga journey began just over 3 years ago after suffering from sciatica. I was able to relieve my pain under the tuition of a well-known yoga teacher and author. She told me that daily practice would relieve my symptoms, and low and behold, it did. And I've been doing yoga ever since!

50 credits

About the trainers

Knightsbridge's best Personal Trainers

Proven and qualified

We’re all about quality - our trainers are fully qualified, and experts in their chosen fields.

Vetted and background checked

We do the dirty work for you. We personally hand select every trainer and do an 8-step background check.

5* Rating

We collect reviews and feedback from every session to ensure our trainers are 5* quality.


We support our trainers 7 days a week and provide a seamless and smooth booking process.

Customise your training sessions

You choose how, where and when you want to train. From the type of training to the location to the trainer, your sessions are fully customisable. You can even bring along a friend or add extra activities in seconds!

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New to Personal training?

Here’s how to prepare for your first personal training session

It's important to be well-rested before your personal training session. Get a good night's sleep the previous night so that you are at your best during the workout. It's also beneficial to dress comfortably and bring any supplies you might need, like water and towels. Make sure to keep your goals in mind as you participate in the session - try new things if they intrigue you!

Personal Training in Knightsbridge with Trainify

Personal training can be a great way to start your fitness journey. Not only do our expert coaches provide guidance and instruction, but they also offer encouragement and support. This ensures that you get the most out of your time with them and that you are able to achieve your fitness goals. Our trainers have years of experience working with people of all ages and levels of fitness, so they will know exactly what you need in order to progress safely and effectively. They will help you to find the exercises that work best for your body type, skill level, and personal preferences. And since every individual is different, each session will be tailored specifically to meet your needs.

Fat Loss

in Knightsbridge

Our expert trainers will help you understand the process behind losing fat and help guide you through the journey. Trainify's personal trainers in London will help you achieve your wellness goals.

Strength Training

in Knightsbridge

Building strength is important if we want a well-functioning body. Increased strength will help reduce injury, improve bone health, improve sports performance and improve body composition, to name just a few.

Injury Prevention

in Knightsbridge

Prehab over rehab! Preparing your body for the future is one of the most important things you can do. Make sure your body is strong and moves well.

Strength & Conditioning

in Knightsbridge

Looking to improve your strength to help improve your performance? We can help you out. Strength and Conditioning for sports performance has become extremely popular and rightly so.

Muscle Gain

in Knightsbridge

To gain muscle, you need to provide your body with the right nutrients and to have a solid strength routine. Our experts can help you with these so the process will be fun and easy for you.

Why choose Trainify?

Get 5 start personal trainer no contracts, membership or gym fees choose how, where and when …

Get a 5-star personal trainer

Work out with Knightsbridge’s best hand selected trainers, anytime or anywhere. They’ve been thoroughly vetted, background-checked & rated 5-stars.

No contracts, memberships or gym fees

We’ve scrapped the nasties like contracts and joining fees. Instead, purchase a pass, gain multigym access, and book any trainers or activities on our platform!

Choose how, where and when you train

Simply pick a location hub, select from a pool of Knightsbridge’s best trainers, and workout whenever it suits you - it’s as simple as that!

Swap activities and trainers anytime

Our pool of expert trainers in Knightsbridge offers everything from yoga, to strength and conditioning, to everything in between, so you can change up your training whenever you want!

What you get with Trainify

We go above and beyond

Our pool of hand-selected trainers offer everything from yoga, to strength and conditioning, to swim. Whatever your fitness goals, we have a specialist trainer for you.

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