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Bushy Park

Park: A large area near Hampton Court Palace

Bushy Park is one of London's largest parks at 445 hectares in area. A very beautiful area with many scenic spots. There are lakes and woodland to see. Bushy Park also has a lot of birds and other wildlife such as deer. There are also lots of other things to see such as The Diana Fountain. The Diana Fountain is a bronze statue of a goddess on a marble and stone fountain, surrounded by bronzes of four boys, four water nymphs and four shells. It is located at the centre of a basin at the intersection of Chestnut and Lime Avenues. You can also check out The Water Gardens. This Baroque-style collection of pools, cascades, basins and a canal disappeared beneath undergrowth and silt through the twentieth century. The gardens were largely forgotten until a major restoration programme brought them back to their former glory in recent times.