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Chelsea Sports Centre

Pool: Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets, Pre-School Swimming Lessons, Under 5s Fun Swims

Chelsea Sports Centre is located on Chelsea Manor Street and it houses two pools. The main one is 25 meters in length, 9 meters wide, with a shallow end of 1 meter, a deep end of 2 meters, a swimmable area of 225 m2 and no movable floor. There is also a pool for learners who join swimming classes. It is 9 meters in length, 4 meters wide, with a shallow and deep end of 0.9 meters, a swimmable area of 36 m2 and no movable floor. The venue offers accessible entrance, accessible changing, accessible toilets, pre-school swimming lessons and under 5s Fun Swims. The centre offers swimming lessons for all ages, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Chelsea Sports Centre does offer other facilities as well, such as a fully equipped gym for cardio, resistance and muscle strengthening. The centre also offers fitness classes, both high intensity ones such as Power Pump or Combat, or relaxing classes such as Yoga or Pilates. There are also a group cycling program, two football pitches and a Spa which offers massages and beauty treatments, which are perfect after a demanding training session. If you want to compliment swimming with cardio and a moment of relaxation, then Chelsea Sports Centre is for you!