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CrossFit Shapesmiths

Crossfit Shapesmiths is a performance gym located in Clapham Junction. The facility has 7 converted railway arches for workouts, alongside dedicated treatment rooms.

Crossfit Shapesmiths currently has 4 dedicated workout spaces, all equipped with a variety of equipment. There is space for Olympic lifting, with barbells and bumper plates for you to push yourself to be your best. Crossfit Shapesmiths also have a section filled with a variety of cardio equipment, such as rowing machines, ski ergs, air bikes and more.

Crossfit Shapesmiths also offer a dedicated room, solely for personal training. This space has all the equipment from the rest of the gym, but in a smaller space, so you can focus on working with your trainer.

Aside from a top-quality gym space, Crossfit Shapesmiths also has great facilities on-site to make your visit more comfortable. They offer high quality changing rooms and lockers, alongside showers and a cafe to fuel up after your PT session.

If you're looking for a great place to train with your Trainify personal trainer, Crossfit Shapesmiths will be able to provide everything you need. This space will be best suited to clients and trainers looking for free weights, such as barbells and dumbbells, alongside conditioning cardio equipment. This space is great for strength and conditioning and obviously, Crossfit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or someone who is experienced in strength training, Crossfit Shapesmiths has fantastic facilities and equipment that will help you and your Trainify trainer achieve your goal.

Crossfit Shapesmiths is conveniently located under the railway arches of Clapham Junction station. Trains to Clapham Junction are extremely frequent from all parts of London and the surrounding counties.

Trainify is proud to call Crossfit Shapesmiths one of its Trainify Hubs. We only select the best facilities to ensure you get the best facilities in the best locations.