David Lloyd Club (Kidbrooke)

Pool: Parking, Accessible Parking, Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets, Swimming Lessons

The David Lloyd Kidbrooke Village, which is close to the lovely Cator Park and Pool River, is more than just a gym. The top-notch sports facilities include a swimming pool, outdoor tennis courts that are suitable for matches, and a cutting-edge gym, all of which will assist you in reaching your fitness objectives. In the meantime, the DL Kids club, the excellent spa facilities, social events, and social calendar all work together to provide the entire family a cozy, community-like feeling. Amon the amenities, they offer parking, accessible parking, accessible entrance, accessible changing, accessible toilets and swimming lessons. The club has recently added a stunning Spa Retreat and Spa Garden, a boutique BLAZE fitness class, a completely renovated gym, and many other improvements to make it better than ever. The swimming pool is 20 meters long, 10 meter wide, the deep and shallow ends being at 1.2 meters, no movable floor and a total swimmable area of 200 m2. The SPA facilities, the tennis courts, the gym, the pool, exercise classes, Creche and Kids club all come together in offering you the best possible experience for your entire group of friends and family. To make David Lloyd Kidbrooke Village one of the top health clubs in the nation, they updated their current facilities while also adding brand-new, opulent spaces and experiences.