London Royal Docks OWS

London Royal Docks OWS is located on Victoria Dock. It is now possible to swim in the open water in one of the most stunning locations in the world, which is situated in London's Royal Docks. The water is checked every two weeks to ensure that everyone has a nice and healthy swimming experience, and a safety tagging system guarantees that every swimmer is traced in the case of an emergency. You are welcome to swim in an area that is designated specifically for casual swimming if this is your first time swimming in open water or if you just want to swim without being concerned with how quickly or how far you can go. There are beginning classes available for persons of all different ability levels, starting with level 1. In the open area designated for competitive training, there are three standard race lengths marked out: 400 meters for the Super Sprint triathlons, 750 meters for the Sprint triathlons, and 1500 meters for the Olympic triathlons.