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St Johns C Of E Junior Mixed And Infant School

Pool: Parking, Accessible Parking, Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets

St John's CE Junior Mixed and Infant School is the ideal place to ensure your little ones take their first steps towards a happy and fulfilling future. With an indoor swimming pool, playground, and all the other expected facilities, this school will surely provide plenty of fun for your kid. Not only will they have a fantastic time learning new skills and knowledge at school, but they'll also enjoy quality time playing in the swimming pool.

The brand-new heated indoor swimming pool has been installed with all the latest technology, making it easy on the eyes while keeping you safe. With an inbuilt filtration system that removes impurities and bacteria from water, you can rest assured that your children are free of any diseases caused by contaminated water.

There are classes for beginners to learn how to swim safely; the experienced team organised tailored lessons based on the kid's abilities. The lessons are brilliant for your child's development; it's also the perfect place to bond with your little one.