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St Thomas The Apostle College

Pool: Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets

St Thomas The Apostle College is located on Hollydale Road and is a boys-only school that is known for its rigorous training of the students and for its very good results. The administration is extremely proud of their exceptional institution. Visitors are consistently impressed by the students' underlying pride, focus, and discipline. The outstanding instruction the children receive each and every day sets them apart; all lessons are vibrant, interesting, and encourage the students in achieving the highest levels of achievement possible. The boys are aware from the beginning of their education that this is not a regular school and that life here entails hard work and strict rules, but also a very supportive and caring environment that ensures they thrive under the staff's supervision and develop into well-rounded young people who are capable of success in whatever path they choose. The school encourages its students to become involved in extracurricular activities such as sports. As a result, the school offers a swimming pool of good sizes, more exactly 15 meters long, 5 meters wide, with a deep end of 2 meters, a shallow end of 0.5 meters and a total swimmable area of 75 m2. Other facilities are an accessible entrance, accessible changing and accessible toilets.