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Swimming Pool

Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre has two pools. The main one has a length of 25 meters and a width of 17.5 meters. The depth starts at 1.2 meters, and it gets to 2 meters. The second pool, for learning, teaching and training has the length of 20 meters and width of 10 meters. The depth starts at 0 meters and goes to 2 meters.

The facility has accessible entrance, accessible changing rooms and accessible toilets. It’s ideal for children who want to learn how to swim, but also for a relaxing session, as there are two separate pools. If you want to enjoy swimming at your own pace you won’t be interrupted or disturbed by the members who are enjoying coached classes.

The Leisure Centre is situated near the Regency Car park, on Adelaide Road, London, NW3 3NF, and it’s only a few minutes walk from the Swiss Cottage Underground Stop.