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The Greenwich Centre

Pool: Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets, Pre-School Swimming Lessons, Under 5s Fun Swims

The Greenwich Centre is located on 12 Lambarde Square. The club is pleased to provide top-notch amenities and activities for everyone by combining neighbourhood leisure and library services. Therefore, the centre contains everything you need to get healthier and feel better, whether you live nearby or work nearby. The facility offers a variety of exercise classes, two swimming pools, a fashionable gym with the most up-to-date, completely accessible workout technology, a modern library with the most cutting-edge digital technology, a crèche, and much more. The main swimming pool is 25 meters long, 13 meters wide, has a deep end of 1.5 meters, a shallow end of 0.9 meters and a total swimmable area of 325 m2, while also being equipped with a poolpod. The second swimming pool is perfect for learners because it is 20 meters in length, 10 meters wide, has a deep end of 1.2 meters and a shallow end of 0.7 meters, with a total swimmable area of 200 m2. Other facilities of the centre are as follows: accessible entrance, accessible changing, accessible toilets, pre-school swimming lessons and under 5s fun swims.