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Pool: Parking, Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets

Wimbledon College is located on Edge Hill and is a boys-only school that has as its core concept “Cura Personalis” or teaching the whole person. This means that in addition to providing a curriculum that enables the students to reach their potential, they also need to provide them with chances outside of the classroom to grow in all facets of their character and abilities. The school is equipped with numerous facilities that help students grow and exceed their level, amongst which the swimming pool which encourages students to not forget about their body and how closely correlated it is to their mind. The swimming pool of the school is of considerable size, 25 meters long, 10 meters wide, a deep end of 2.65 meters and a shallow end of 1 meter, with a total swimmable area of 250 m2. Other facilities are parking, accessible entrance, accessible changing and accessible toilets. Every boy is urged to take part in at least two activities, and the majority of them do. Boys participate in school life and take pride of their school by being involved in extracurricular activities. This helps with their coursework, and the professors repeatedly observe that students who are most active in extracurricular activities also perform better academically.