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Wimbledon Leisure Centre

Pool: Parking, Accessible Parking, Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets, Pre-School Swimming Lessons, Aquatics Fitness Sessions, Under 5s Fun Swims

Wimbledon Leisure Centre is located on Latimer Road and has two swimming pools that are destined to satisfy every client’s needs. The main pool is 30 meters long, 10 meters wide, with a deep end of 1.67 meters and a shallow end of 1.05 meters, bearing in mind that the total swimmable area is of 300 m2. The main pool is also equipped with a poolpod for clients who wish to use it. The second pool is intended for teachers and learners and it is 10 meters long, 8 meters wide, has a deep end of 0.9 m and a shallow end of 0.8 m, with a total swimmable area of 80 m2. Wimbledon Leisure Centre and Spa is a cutting-edge, magnificent health and fitness centre that is conveniently located off Broadway. A 120-station gym with spacious functional and free-weight sections, Technogym equipment, and a Boditrax body composition scanner are available in this lovely Victorian Grade 2 listed building. In addition to Better Swim School lessons for swimmers of all ages and skill levels, the 30m main pool and smaller teaching pool host a variety of swimming activities. The Spa Experience is the only daytime spa in Wimbledon with a thermal spa and a variety of restorative services. The two studios provide more than 70 exercise courses every week, including Group Cycle, Pilates, Yoga, and Body Conditioning. Other facilities are parking, accessible parking, accessible entrance, accessible changing, accessible toilets, pre-school swimming lessons, aquatics fitness sessions and under 5s fun swims.