Classic circuit style classes offer a wide variety of exercises, covering different form of fitness. You may move from a cardio station, where you’re getting your heart rate up, to a strength station, where it’s all about control and building muscle. Usually you’ll spend a set amount of time per station, with a short transition in-between. Our circuit classes are led by experienced instructors that will both motivate you ensure you’re doing all the exercises correctly.

Each station will be fully demonstrated and explained so you know exactly what to do. Circuits are a great way of getting a full body workout within an hour. You’ll be working through lots of different modes of training, such as strength and power, whilst also working your aerobic and anaerobic system, getting that heart rate up! These classes will definitely get you sweaty and feeling great once they’re done. All the classes will vary and the specific content is down to the instructors, but be sure that you’ll get always get a great workout.

Our circuit classes are a great thing to do with your friends as you can move together from station to station. Why not even challenge each other! Circuits are a great way to experience lots of different forms of exercise and see which you prefer. You might prefer the strength stations to the cardio, there is only one way to find out! Book into one of our circuit classes today! Not sure which one to pick? Get in touch and we can help!


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