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PT Workspace

PT Workspace is an industry-leading location that encourages individuality and personal growth for all determined minds.

PT Workspace is a private personal training studio located in North London, a 10-minute walk from Highbury and Islington underground tube station and only a few minutes via bus or taxi to most surrounding underground stations - (Angel underground tube station, Old Street underground tube station.)

If you're looking for the perfect place to train PT Workspace has got you covered. PT Workspace provides luxury gym equipment exclusive to you and your coach as well as the relaxed and easy-going atmosphere that will settle you into complete focus to smash your workout!

PT workspace provides you with all the equipment you could need to complete your sessions, such as a squat rack and barbell lifting areas and free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells. They also have cable machines, TRX suspension training, alongside bikes for cardio.

PT workspace has two large spaces, one located in the basement, which has large windows to maximise light and the second on the first floor, which offers a large space, with state of the art equipment.

At PT Workspace, the amount of trainers and clients using the space at any one time is limited, therefore there is no worry about losing time from your session waiting for equipment or for people to move out of an area. Choosing your session slot reassures you that everything is available, giving you quality time for just working out.

Trainify is proud to offer PT Workspace as one of its locations for you to improve your fitness and reach your goals.

PT Workspace

PT Workspace, 79 Shepperton Road, N1 3DF

PT workspace is a personal training gym located near Islington, North London. PT Workspace currently has 1 large room, soon to be expanding to 2 rooms, where clients can use a variety of equipment with their Trainify trainers. They ensure that each client has enough space, PT workspace limits the number of trainers and clients at any one time. There is a wide variety of equipment, such as dumbbells, kettlebells, TRX trainers and space for Olympic lifting. With PT Workspace limiting the number of trainers in the facility at any one time, it allowed you to make sure you can always use any equipment you might need. The gym is fully stocked with lots of equipment, such as kettlebells and cable machines. This ensures that you can maximise the time you have with your trainer and aren’t left waiting for that piece of kit that’s in use. Alongside great training facilities, PT Workspace offers toilets and changing facilities. If you’re looking for a great place to train with your Trainify personal trainer, PT Workspace will be able to provide you with everything you need. PT Workspace has such a variety of equipment that it will suit any type of PT session. This space will suit clients looking for free weights, cable machines, conditioning cardio equipment and space for Olympic lifting. Whether you’re new to training or have been doing it for a while, PT Workspace is a great facility to carry out your training. PT Workspace is located on Shepperton Road in Islington. There is on-street parking nearby and is only a 15-minute walk to Highbury and Islington station. Trainify is proud to call PT Workspace one of its Trainify Hubs. We only select the best facilities to ensure you get the best facilities in the best locations.

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PT Workspace Essex

Unit 2 Ground Floor, 15-21 Rainsford Rd, Chelmsford CM1 2PZ, United Kingdom

In the heart of Essex, the PT Workspace facility offers luxury amenities in a discreet, professional setting. This is the perfect place to begin your fitness journey with our Trainify personal trainers.

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PT Workspace Harrow

Roxeth House, Shaftesbury Ave, South Harrow, Harrow HA2 0PZ, United Kingdom

PT Workspace Harrow is a 1000 square feet combination of luxury and modern facilities.  Clients can use a range of equipment with their Trainify trainers in PT Workspace; the number of trainers and clients allowed in the PT workspace is restricted to ensure that each client has enough room to train and guarantee that you can always use any equipment you require. The gym is fully outfitted with many apparatus, including cable machines and kettlebells.

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