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Putney Leisure Centre

Putney Leisure Centre is located in Sout London,  the venue is easily accessible by car, and free parking is available. The closest station when travelling is East Putney.

Putney Leisure Centre offers a range of facilities for everyone,  a gym, swimming pool, workout classes, sports hall, swimming lessons and hall hire.

The indoor swimming pool is ideal for all levels, whether you are training, diving or having a splash about; most important, in case of emergency, there are trained lifeguards poolside. There is a 33-metre, with 6 lanes main pools, a 4-metre splash pool and a 12.5-meter teaching pool. The anti-wave ropes provide an effective barrier against the waves by dispersing them down the lane lines and deep into the water.

You must bring swimming costumes and accessories, such as goggles, armbands, swimming hats and floating aids. The venue has well-maintained changing facilities.

Putney Leisure Centre

Dryburgh Road, London, England, SW15 1BL

Putney Leisure Centre is located on Dryburgh Road and it houses three pools, a main one that is 33 meters long, with a width of 11.3 meters, a shallow end of 0.9 meters, a deep end of 1.8 meters, a swimmable area of 376 square meters and no movable floor. There is also a learner/teaching pool that is 12 meters long, 7.3 meters in width, with a shallow end of 0,75 meters, a deep end of 0.9 meters and a swimmable area of 91 square meters. There is also a diving pool which is 12 meters long, 12.5 meters wide, with a shallow and deep end of 3.8 meters, a swimmable area of 156 square meters and it has a diving board. The venue has the following facilities: Parking, Accessible Parking, Accessible Entrance, Accessible Changing, Accessible Toilets, Swimming Lessons, Adult Swimming Lessons, Pre-School Swimming Lessons, Advanced Swimming Lessons, Aquatics Fitness Sessions. They provide a wide range of swimming classes that are designed to accommodate your schedule, whether you want to swim before or after work, over your lunch break, on the weekends with the family, or during the day. Putney Leisure Centre has devised a variety of enjoyable pursuits and sports for children to participate in and enjoy throughout their youth, equipping them with abilities that will serve them well into adulthood.

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