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A reformer is a bed like machine, that has a sliding platform called a carriage and uses springs to either add or remove resistance. You use your bodyweight to move the carriage. Reformer Pilates has become extremely popular over the last few years, as once people start, they soon become addicted. The springs on the reformer allow you to add or remove resistance to work your body accordingly. There are also shoulder bocks on the carriage to keep you stable when you’re moving.

The reformer isn’t just used by people looking to strengthen their core, but also by people looking for injury rehabilitation. The workout will benefit people who are looking to improve core stability and postural alignment. The fact that the reformer can be adjusted to cater for all abilities, means that anyone is able to take part. Due to the low impact nature of Reformer Pilates, classes can be done frequently without any negative impact on the body. We know that sometimes we just want to give something a try before we commit to multiple sessions.

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