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Pilates is a brilliant, low impact form of exercise, that will leave you energised and wanting to come back for more. Our Pilates classes are designed to help you learn to control your body. Our expert instructors will help you build strength, flexibility and improve your posture.

Pilates can be done in a variety of ways, such as on a reformer, a Pilates chair or kept simple and just done on a mat. Trainify offer both reformer and mat Pilates, depending on your preference. A reformer is a bed like machine, that has a sliding platform called a carriage and uses springs to either add or remove resistance. You use your bodyweight to move the carriage. Mat Pilates uses mainly bodyweight, however apparatus such as balls and rings may be used. The benefit of mat Pilates is that in can be done anywhere, so we offer classes both in the gym and out in the park. Trainify enable you to use your credits across different services across the platform, so why not give both Reformer and Mat Pilates a try!

We know that if you enjoy a class and find it beneficial, you’re much more likely to come back, therefore we only provide you with the best trainers and classes around, to help your health and wellbeing. Pilates is extremely addictive and we know that most of the people that start, keep coming back for more. The low impact nature of Pilates means it can be done regularly, without causing any negative stress on the body. Whether your preference is Reformer or Mat, our instructors will be able to guide you through If you can’t decide, why not get in touch and we can help you out.

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